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Upholstery fabrics - Hugo

Upholstery materials are very popular as the fashion for restoring furniture has returned. Available in a wide range of colors, the Hugo fabric looks exceptionally stylish - we provide a large selection of different shades (beige, brown, gray, chestnut, etc.). The Hugo material is similar to the touch of linen - it perfectly imitates linen fabric, despite the fact that it is made of 100% polypropylene, and its finish is a class I braid.

Hugo fabric - application

The minimalism of the material and classic elegance make it often chosen as an upholstery in lounge furniture - incl. sofas, armchairs - but also beds for bedrooms and dining chairs. Among the many color shades, you can match it perfectly to any interior - Scandinavian or classic.

Hugo material - advantages

The Hugo upholstery fabric is stylish and similar to the structure of linen, but also thick, durable, resistant to abrasion or stretching, slightly stiff. The high grammage makes it also very solid and can be used as an upholstery in frequently used furniture.

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