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Microfiber fabric - wholesale

Microfiber is also a modern upholstery fabric - it is enough to choose the right fabric and the selected piece of furniture can serve for many years. Our warehouse has a large selection of various fabrics and materials - order microfiber material by the meter. It is also used for sewing, among others pillowcases, bedding, sleeping bags etc. and it is 100% breathable

Microfiber - a material with a wide range of applications

Microfiber has many advantages - it is thin, but it is widely used in the textile industry. It is a special type of microfiber, produced with the use of modern technologies - it consists of a mixture of thin polyester and polyamide fibers. Microfiber material has fibers 10 times thinner than silk and 30 times thinner than cotton - microfiber is extremely durable.

Wholesale microfiber - order fabric by the meter

Microfiber fabric available by the meter - see our entire offer. We provide a wide selection of materials in various colors.

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