Double gauze

Double Gauze muslin

The fabric that will take good care of the delicate and sensitive skin of a child is Double Gauze muslin. It is natural, soft, pleasant to the touch and airy, breathable, and has many practical applications - it is recommended not only for accessories for children. It is a great alternative to traditional cotton. It will be a practical proposition for the skin - Double Gauze muslin will work well even in the transitional season.

Double Gauze - a unique type of muslin

Double Gauze muslin consists of thin layers with a shirring structure. It is - like traditional muslin - delicate, soft and airy, which contributes to its wide application. It provides high quality, aesthetics, comfort and freedom. Double Gauze muslin is also a good and fashionable choice in interior design in the world of design.

Double Gauze - good fabric for children

Double Gauze muslin is one of the best fabrics for the youngest - just like natural muslin, it impresses with its high quality and appearance. It is a delicate fabric with a natural composition of 100%. cotton is considered to be one of the softest and most delicate fabrics on the market. Double Gauze has two layers and has valuable thermoregulatory properties, it works well both in summer heat and in cooler months - it will be the perfect choice for capricious weather. Its characteristic feature is a convex, wavy structure created by small perforations.

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