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Decorative fabrics by the meter

Good-quality decorative fabric can be widely used - you can sew curtains, pillowcases for bedding or pillows yourself, as well as other textiles for the living room, bedroom or child's room. Interior decoration materials affect the overall arrangement of rooms - we provide a wide selection of fabrics, thanks to which each apartment or house will gain style and character. On the other hand, decorative upholstery fabrics will give a new look to old furniture - thanks to them you can change your favorite armchair or refresh an old sofa. Decorative fabric is a simple way to change or diversify any interior.

Decorative cotton fabric

Practical solutions include primarily cotton and waterproof materials. See the available decorative fabrics by the meter and create your own, selected interior accessories. Decorative cotton can be used to decorate a house, apartment, apartment, hotel or various office or public premises. The color and, if applicable, the pattern are important, but also the thickness and density of the material and its structure.

Decorative fabrics - online store

Decorative fabrics are distinguished not only by their original style, but also by their durability. They should also be easy to care for. Others will be perfect for curtains, others for bedding, and others for a bedspread or as upholstery fabrics or decorative materials for a garden, terrace or balcony. Our wholesaler of decorative fabrics offers, among others upholstery fabric velor, veil tulle, satin, cotton fabrics, upholstery microfiber, waterproof Kodura fabric or linen imitation and many others. A separate group are garden materials and decorative fabrics for children.

Decorative fabrics - a wide selection

Our wholesaler of decorative fabrics offers, among others decorative cotton fabrics (e.g. decorative satin cotton), waterproof for outdoor use, as well as various decorative upholstery fabrics, e.g. eco-leather, satin, velvet or velor. The choice of materials has a key impact on the appearance of the interior. They must fit it and should meet your expectations. In our store you will find both plain decorative materials and various patterns and motifs.

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