Minky Smooth

Smooth Minky material

The smooth Minky material is an excellent material for textiles and accessories for children. It is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, perfectly wraps. It can be used to make blankets, pillows, quilts, cot bumpers, as well as cuddly toys, scarves and stuffed animals. Minky smooth has a wide range of applications, because it provides high comfort and allows the skin to breathe - it is for newborns and infants.

In this category, we offer smooth Minky fabrics, without patterns in the form of embossing - for example, beige, white, gray, blue, blue or pink.

Smooth Minky fabric

The smooth Minky material can be chosen in any color that suits the child's style. Minky is made thanks to innovative technology, from much thinner fibers than cotton and wool, polyester fibers.

The smooth Minky fabric works well at any time of the year - also on cooler days, because it will add warmth and coziness, but also in the summer as a cover for evening walks or picnics.

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