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Riviera fabric

Delicate velor fabric is a fashionable plush material that is often chosen for furniture renovation. It will also work well for accessories such as curtains, pillows or bedspreads for the bedroom. The Riviera fabric has a velvety structure that is extremely pleasant to the skin and good parameters.

Riviera - upholstery fabric

Riviera fabrics are durable, do not pilling and can be used for many years - you can order the selected fabric to renovate your favorite armchair in which you sit every day. Frequent use will not be a problem. In addition, the Riviera fabric is very easy to care for and you can keep it clean without any problems.

Riviera upholstery fabric - resistant to damage

Riviera material is resistant to, among others, stretching, tearing, tearing, pilling, abrasion and friction, as well as to the negative effects of light. You can successfully cover sets of leisure furniture, armchairs and chairs with it, but also sew curtains or pillows. The Riviera velor is also fashionable for pet beds, which will match the entire arrangement of the house - Riviera fabrics will perfectly match the glamor style.

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