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Upholstery fabrics for sofas

We offer a large selection of fabrics for sofas at affordable prices - we are distinguished by, among others high quality, rich color palette and original design. Good quality upholstery fabrics will allow you to change your favorite couch, corner sofa, sofa and armchair and diversify the interior. See and choose the perfect sofa upholstery for your interior - apartment, living room or office.

Wholesale of sofa materials

Our warehouse offers the following materials for sofas - Terra velor, classic or quilted eco-leather, Monolith velor, nubuck, Riviera velor, Ranger or Alanta imitation leather, Tiffany velor, Swing velor, Hugo upholstery fabric and others. We carefully complete our offer to ensure the highest quality and a wide range of products.

Upholstery material for a couch for interiors in various styles

Matching the material is the basis of success - we provide a wide selection of not only fabrics, but also colors and shades. Quilted materials for sofas are also very popular - incl. velor or eco-leather. They fit into interiors decorated in various styles - incl. modern, but also classic or glamor.

Sofa upholstery material

The upholstery fabrics available from us are widely used in the production and renovation of furniture - they will be used, among others, by as upholstery fabrics for sofas. Renewing yourself is a popular activity, but it requires skill and patience - most of all, however, upholstery materials for sofas are essential.

Upholstery fabric for the couch tailored to the needs

Everyone will find an offer for themselves - stylish, exceptionally elegant or practical material, such as washable upholstery fabrics. The best material for a sofa upholstery should be solid, durable, practical and matched to the arrangement of a given interior. For example, the Hugo fabric is distinguished by a fine structure and imitates linen material, it is abrasion-resistant, very solid and durable, it will be perfect for the upholstery of frequently used sofas. One of the most popular choices is also microfiber - soft, pleasant to the touch, resistant to washing and antiallergic.

We guarantee high quality materials for upholstery of sofas - check our offer and place an order. Also pay attention to the material for the covers for the couch.

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