Satin cotton

Satin cotton - high quality fabric

The most popular choice for high-quality bedding sets is satin cotton. It is distinguished by an elegant gloss, has slightly cooling properties, and looks very stylish. Textiles made of it will suit various interiors - classic, modern, retro or glamor. The durability of satin cotton is a matter of its natural composition and production technique.

Cotton satin for meter bed linen and other textiles

Satin cotton, thanks to the use of a special weave, provides a pleasant feeling of cooling and is resistant to creases. If you are interested in high-quality cotton satin, the material from our warehouse will meet the highest requirements.

Cotton satin material is a soft and pleasant to the touch material, ideal for premium textiles. Perfect for both adult and children's products. It can be used to sew, among others blankets, stylish bedding, curtains or bedspreads.

Cotton satin material - the highest quality

Satin cotton is 100% cotton with a satin-satin weave. It is much softer and smoother than other fabrics. It quickly found wide application in the textile market - mainly in the bedding market. A set made of it retains its appearance and colors even after many washes.

The most common choice for bedding is the cotton satin material, an elegant and affordable material. It is also completely safe for babies and children - it will work well as a material for cones, blankets, swaddles, cocoons, bedding for a pram or mascots.

Cotton satin - plain or patterned fabric

The satin cotton fabric is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, it is a unique type of cotton - soft, glossy, specially smoothed. Satin cotton by the meter is a great choice for accessories and decorations for the bedroom, living room, as well as living room or children's room.

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