Polar fabric by the meter

Fleece is a synthetic fabric, it is light, resistant, soft and airy. Knitted fleece with a grammage of 270 is distinguished by good insulation and hydrophobicity. It retains its properties for a long time - even despite getting wet, which is why fleece is used for sports and protective clothing, among others. Cotton fleece does not pilling, which additionally affects its durability.

Fleece - a multi-season material

The Polar fabric is multigrade, which means it will be perfect at any time of the year. Fleece material guarantees high comfort of use and dryness. It can be made, among others warm sweatshirts or vests. Order fleece by the meter in our warehouse.

Fleece does not absorb moisture, but provides breathability. It protects against cold, but also light rain, does not become heavy in water, and dries quickly. It also does not absorb stains and is easy to wash.

Fleece fabric - application

Fleece fabrics are used for the production of, among others, the aforementioned protective and sports clothing, but also blankets and warmers. In addition, the fleece material is ideal for sewing women's, men's and children's everyday clothes, as well as home accessories.

Fleece fabrics - colors and patterns

Cotton fleece by the meter is available in many colors and patterns - you can choose the one that suits your needs. Fleece materials will be appreciated by people who want a fleshy and warm fabric that will allow for creativity. See the fleece material by the meter.

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