Printed velor

Printed velor

Printed velor is perfect as a material for various interior accessories or as an upholstery fabric. It is characterized by a delicately palpable velvety structure and durability. The unique material will be used to make, among others upholstery for armchairs or sofas, but also stylish curtains.

Riviera printed velor is abrasion-resistant, and the high grammage ensures its durability and reliability - perfect for upholstery in frequently used furniture.

Printed upholstery velor - a selection of patterns and colors

Printed velor upholstery is available in various colors and motifs - e.g. upholstery fabrics with flowers that will refresh any arrangement.

Patterns printed on velor can be matched depending on the interior and arrangement. Our offer includes printed velor upholstery with floral motifs, geometric patterns and many more. Printed upholstery velor will appeal to people who love original glamor-style designs and are looking for unique upholstery.

See available materials and order printed velor upholstery from us.

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