Fabrics for jackets

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Fabrics for jackets

A wide selection of materials for jackets will allow you to sew a model for every season - incl. for spring or winter. Find the best material for a jacket, with the right properties, color matched to your type of beauty, perfect for the season. In autumn, it must be a waterproof material for jackets, and in summer, it must be airy. See all fabrics for jackets available in our store.

Fabric for a jacket - what to choose?

A large selection of materials means that everyone will find the right fabric for the planned applications - such as llama fabric with gloss or softshell.

Material for jackets - llama. It consists of 97% polyester and 3% elastane. Lama is a stretchy, shiny and durable fabric, eagerly chosen for its characteristic appearance - it shimmers beautifully. Its outer side is glossy and the right side is matte.

Fabric for the jacket - softshell . It is a very comfortable material with valuable properties. The top layer of the material is wind-, water- and dirt-repellent, while the left is lined with fleece, giving it important insulating properties. The fabric for a softshell jacket is recommended for active people - it will work as a material for winter jackets.

See all available fabrics for jackets!

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