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Fabrics for garden covers

We provide a wide selection of garden materials - these are waterproof, durable and impregnated fabrics, available in various colors and patterns. Many of them - such as Oxford or Kodura - it will also work well as a material for covers protecting furniture, among others. against rain or dirt. See all available materials for covers and choose the one that suits your garden arrangement.

Modern covers for garden furniture

Modern covers for garden furniture protect e.g. chairs, tables, swings and deckchairs against adverse weather conditions, but also dust, dirt and other dirt and minor damage. Our offer includes durable materials from which you can sew various accessories and accessories for the garden yourself. Good-quality, strong and aesthetic fabric for covers will provide the furniture with effective protection.

Material for garden covers - examples

Oxford - material for a waterproof cover. The Oxford fabric available in our store in various colors and patterns is famous for its high durability - it is resistant, among others. for stretching, abrasions or loss of color. To sew the perfect fabric for a cover, waterproof and strong, it is worth choosing Oxford. This fabric is protected on the left with a polyurethane coating and a water-repellent coating. Accessories for the garden made of it will not be damaged by strong winds.

Kodura. It will also work very well as a material for covers for garden furniture, because it is very durable and resistant to various weather conditions and mechanical damage. It does not get wet because it is laminated with a special coating, it does not let the wind pass through and it does not lose any color. A strong furniture cover can be sewn from it even on a home machine.

After the summer season, it would be best to hide the furniture, if possible, e.g. to the gazebo, basement or attic, so that they are not exposed to weather conditions. See available materials for covers and place an order.

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