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Fabrics for garden umbrellas

Relaxing in the garden is a great pleasure, but first, the available space must be properly arranged. On hot days, you should take care of protection from the sun - an umbrella is essential in this role. You can decide on a finished product or sew its most important part yourself, focusing on the quality of the fabric. Which material for a garden umbrella should you choose? In our offer you will find several suggestions.

The perfect material for an umbrella - features

Individual fabrics for garden umbrellas may have different properties - first of all, they protect against UV rays, but also selected fabrics against rain. In addition, they must be solidly constructed, resistant to wind and other weather conditions, tearing and other damage, easy to clean, pleasant to the touch and aesthetic. They should not lose their color when exposed to the sun.

Waterproof fabric for a garden umbrella

For many people, the above-mentioned water resistance is a priority - we offer Kodura and Oxford materials, which will work, among others, in as a fabric for a garden umbrella. They have all of the above. features, and additionally have a special protection - on one side they have a polyurethane coating and a coating that effectively repels water.

Pay attention to the weave, i.e. the way in which the materials are woven, because it depends, among others, on the durability of the umbrella - Oxford or Kodura fabrics will be perfect. You can also use them to make other elements of the arrangement - incl. cushions for a swing or garden furniture.

Umbrella material - garden decoration

In addition, garden umbrellas have a decorative function - like furniture and other accessories. Thanks to the available colors and patterns, you can match the material for garden umbrellas that will fit into the arrangement and will be the perfect complement. There are both plain fabrics for garden umbrellas and patterns - such as flowers, stripes, polka dots, hearts, etc. You will find the perfect material for a garden umbrella, regardless of the style in which your garden is arranged. It is important that the colors and style of furniture and accessories that are in the home space harmonize with each other.

Choose a color and order a fabric for your garden umbrella!

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