Softshell material by the meter

Softshell has gained enormous popularity - among others, softshell pants, jacket, coat or sweatshirt made of softshell. It is a unique material with many valuable properties - the softshell fabric will provide excellent protection against wind and breathability.

Softshell - a material popular for outdoor use

The softshell fabric is suitable for jackets and warm sweatshirts on cold days, e.g. hiking in the mountains. Clothing made of this material will be indispensable for outdoor trips. Order a softshell by the meter and prepare a layette for trips. Softshell material is a great choice for functional clothing.

Softshell fabric - PINaPIN wholesale

Our offer includes softshell in various colors and patterns, incl. with digital imprint. Softshell material is recommended for active people, because sweatshirts or jackets made of it work well all year round. It is a comfortable fabric with special properties - it has a water-, wind- and dirt-resistant top layer, and the left one is fleece-coated and has insulating properties.

Order softshell material by the meter in our warehouse.

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