Monolith fabrics - elegant look and high quality

Monolith material is very popular among the upholstery fabrics available in our warehouse. Due to the aesthetic value and good parameters, it is recommended for upholstery furniture - incl. sofas, pouffes or armchairs - but also for various accessories and additions to complement a given interior. Monolith fabrics are perfect for creating, among other things, bedspreads or stylish curtains.

What is Monolith fabric and what are its advantages?

It is a plush velvet fabric covered with a protective layer - the so-called hydrophobic coating. It protects the material against rapid seepage of liquids, preventing the absorption of water. Liquids can be easily wiped up with a paper towel or a traditional cloth such as cotton or microfiber cloth. What else distinguishes the Monolith material? This fabric is characterized by a subtle, velvety structure. The Monolith fabric does not fade and pilling, so you can use it without any obstacles and fear of quick destruction.

Monolith material - in a glamor style

Upholstery fabric Monolith is a great choice for tastefully decorated interiors, it is eagerly chosen by people who follow current trends in the arrangement. Since it is a velvet material, it fits perfectly, among others in glamor-style interiors.
See what colors the Monolith fabric can have. The gray or beige upholstery fabric will be a universal choice, but our offer is much richer.

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