Velvet material by the meter

The velvet material is extremely soft and delicate, it reigns both in interiors and wardrobes. It can be used to make elegant accessories - such as decorative pillows, curtains, bedspreads and others. Velvet is a thick fabric, covered with a soft fluff on one side, which distinguishes it from other materials. See the polyester velvet available from us and place an order.

Velvet - a material for glamor interiors

The specific surface reflects the light, making the velvet shine depending on the angle of the light. It is an exceptionally fashionable material in glamor arrangements - accessories made of it are responsible for the character of the interior and immediately attract attention. Upholstery velvet is also popular - mainly for glamor-style interiors. Upholstery velvet, in turn, will serve as upholstery for armchairs or other furniture.

Velvet fabric - fashionable shades

Among the most fashionable shades are beige, gray, white and pink. Velvet - a stylish and elegant material - will add style to any apartment. The velvet fabric in bottle green, dark red or turquoise color also looks beautiful. Velvet fabric is appreciated all over the world for its design and uniqueness.

Order velvet fabric by the meter in selected colors in our store.

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