Velvet fabrics

Velvet fabric

Extremely elegant and stylish, subtly shimmering, reminiscent of the best-class velvet and velor - this is the fashionable Velvet fabric that will work in various interiors. Velvet has a unique structure and can be used as a decoration for modern, Scandinavian or glamor interiors. This delicate material, apart from its unusual design, also has many advantages. Plush fabrics are also easy to care for - you can wash them in the washing machine, and clean the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner. You can order Velvet by the meter, available in various colors.

Velvet - the highest quality fabric

Velvet is one of the exceptionally noble and elegant fabrics - it sells well and enjoys growing popularity because it is subtle and shiny, soft, cozy and fleshy to the touch. It can be successfully used to make various interior textile accessories - such as blankets, pillowcases. That's not all - the Velvet fabric can also be used as upholstery for furniture. It is durable and gives a great designer effect - thanks to it you will get a fashionable armchair or pouf for the living room.

Velvet - children's fabric

Since the Velvet material is as soft as velvet, it will also be perfect for sewing accessories for children - you can order high-quality Velvet for blankets or swaddles and ensure the comfort of your little ones. We provide the material in various colors, so you can match it to the interior of the room - order Velvet by the meter and appreciate its nobility and quality.

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