Codura fabric

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Codura material

Codura waterproof fabric is famous for its high resistance, among others to weather conditions and mechanical damage. It has a compact and dense weave, it is light, durable, resistant to water and mechanical damage, thanks to which it will work in many industries. The bottom of the fabric is PVC coated and the top with a Teflon aperture, which makes Codura very practical and 100% waterproof.

Codura fabric - advantages

The Codura material does not get wet, does not lose color and does not let the wind pass through, making it perfect for use in the garden and terrace. In addition, it is laminated with a special coating, which makes it also waterproof. It tolerates various weather conditions well.

Codura - a material with a wide range of applications

This waterproof Codura material can be used in the production of, among others animal beds, mats, sofas, travel bags and backpacks, tents, garden cushions, mattresses, canopies, covers etc. It is also a popular upholstery fabric for garden and terrace furniture. It can be refreshed quickly and effortlessly - for example, using a garden hose. Provides good properties and aesthetic value - see the Codura material available in our store in various colors.

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