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Minky fabrics - soft and delicate

The Minky material quickly became famous as the best for children - it is soft and delicate, as well as extremely pleasant to the touch. In our warehouse you will find a huge selection of fabrics in various colors and patterns - incl. Minky fabrics by the meter. This material is usually characterized by embossing in the form of dots. As a wholesaler of Minky fabrics, we provide a large selection of designs - see our entire offer.

Minky fabric - a unique high-quality fabric

The Minky fabric stands for originality, high quality, flexibility and durability. The material with a unique texture is also distinguished by its extraordinary softness, thanks to modern production technologies. A large selection of colors allows you to choose the material for various elements of children's clothing or layettes - including a blanket for a cot or a stroller. Polar Minky is extremely warm, soft and durable, as well as resistant to creases. The great reproduction of saturated colors is also noteworthy, thanks to which it is so liked by the youngest. You can order Minky fabric by the meter in any color or pattern. Its advantage is also high thermal insulation - even a thin Minky blanket will keep the little ones warm in late autumn.

Minky material - wholesale

This fabric is described as a material with unusual properties, despite the fact that it is artificial - made of polyester fibers, but thinner and softer than cotton or wool. It is also distinguished by good air permeability, thanks to which the material allows the skin to breathe.

Minky for kids

Polar Minky has many unusual and valuable properties, which is why it is so often chosen. It dries quickly, so it can be washed frequently. No wonder that the Minky fabric won the hearts of both children and adults. It is perfect for children - it is pleasant to touch and not allergic. It is worth sewing children's clothes and various textile accessories, such as quilts, blankets or pillows. Besides - which is important for the youngest - Minky is easy to care for. You can find Minky fabric by the meter - choose a color and place an order.

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