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Fabric for garden curtains

One of the most fashionable proposals as a sun shade for a balcony or terrace is a garden sail. It spreads out like a canopy and will appeal to fans of modern solutions. First of all, it effectively protects against the sun, and also looks extremely effective. Our offer includes a suitable fabric for a sun sail and balcony curtains - the Oxford fabric will be perfect for this role.

Material for garden curtains and sun sail

A sun sail is a functional idea for a fashionable cover - it will allow you to rest in a shaded garden, and also adds character to the entire arrangement. To make it, you need a durable and waterproof material for a garden sail - we recommend Oxford due to its versatility, resistance to possible damage, stretching or abrasion.

The material for garden curtains is also the Kodura material, solid, resistant to damage and changing weather conditions - it does not get wet, does not fade, protects against rain and wind. Kodura is laminated on one side with a special PVC coating and on the top with a Teflon aperture.

Waterproof fabric for a garden sail

The presented fabric for a sun sail is on one side covered with polyurethane and a colorless coating, thanks to which it has water-repellent properties, which is very important in our climate. The Oxford fabric will also be used to prepare other elements of the garden arrangement, which will ensure stylistic harmony - incl. swing cushions and a set of furniture.

Fabric for a garden sail - match the material to the arrangement of the garden

In addition, the recommended fabric for garden curtains or a sail is pleasant to the touch, very aesthetic and available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose classic white, beige or a shade of gray, but you can also choose from pastel colors, intense colors and a wide range of patterns. Among them, floristic motifs are extremely fashionable - incl. in pansies, dahlias, pink hydrangeas or roses - but also classic stripes, polka dots or geometric shapes.

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