Leather imitation

Upholstery fabric - imitation leather

A popular upholstery material is imitation leather, which is widely used in the renovation of old furniture and interior design. Its popularity in furniture processing is due to its appearance and valuable properties. The imitation leather fabric is very durable and resistant to damage, it will certainly serve for many years, besides, it is an alternative to natural leather and fits in with the current eco trends.

In our warehouse, we provide a wide selection of materials imitating natural leather - such as Ranger and Atlanta fabrics. See the full offer and choose a product that suits your needs.

Leather imitation - a popular upholstery material

Furniture - such as sofas or armchairs - often needs renovation. Leather imitation fabric is extremely popular in upholstery and will give them a second life. This material is famous for its elegant appearance and will fit into almost any interior.

Atlanta and Ranger fabrics are available in different versions. A large selection of colors and patterns allows you to find the perfect material for the style of your home, apartment or office. Imitation leather is perfect as upholstery material for furniture, but not only - it is also used in the production of belts, bags and accessories.

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