Trouser fabrics

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Trouser fabrics

In this category, we present various fabrics for trousers - from the available materials, you can sew a model of your own design with perfect dimensions. There is, among others, cotton fabric for pants - airy, anti-allergic, soft and pleasant to the touch, with a versatile use. We also offer high-quality knitted fabrics - suitable for sweatpants. See all pants fabrics in our offer - you will find both practical material for men's, women's and children's pants.

Perfect material for pants

Among the fabrics from which you can sew trousers according to your own idea or a ready-made design, we recommend, among others Mexican jacquard, softshell fabric, sweatshirt fabric and printed single jersey. They all come in different colors, shades and patterns.

The choice of materials allows you to find the right one for pants for any occasion - for example, sweatshirt fabric is the perfect fabric for women's sweatpants, and a checkered fabric for pants for office styling. On the other hand, airy cotton fabric for everyday pants will provide comfort and adequate ventilation - such pants will work well at any time of the year.

Fabrics for pants - an overview of materials

Sweatshirt knit. Our offer includes only high-quality sweatshirts - such as French Terry loop knit. It is delicate and pleasant to the skin, and can be used to sew various items of clothing - it will work, among others, for as a material for pants. Spandex makes it stretchy, which is why pants made of it fit perfectly. Knitted fabrics printed in various durable patterns are mainly popular.

Single Jersey. Single Jersey is also used as a fabric for women's or men's trousers. It is nice to touch, perfect for leggings, for example.

Softshell fabric. Very comfortable, durable and full of advantages - it has a top layer resistant to dirt, wind and water, while the left one provides warmth because it has insulating properties. Pants made of this material are recommended for people with an active lifestyle - they do not wear out quickly and will prove themselves all year round.

Mexican jacquard. Durable and original material with a wide range of applications - you can also sew original pants from it. It does not crease, it is durable and quite thick.

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