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Velor upholstery material - wide range of applications

Extremely stylish and elegant velor has a wide range of applications. The velor fabric will be suitable, among others, in the renovation of furniture (as an upholstery for sofas, chairs, pouffes and armchairs), but also as a decorative material (e.g. for decorative pillows, curtains or headrests in the bedroom or bed covers).

Velor upholstery fabric. A wide selection

The upholstery velor is available in various colors and patterns, so you can choose the material you want - for a bedroom, living room, office, beauty salon or apartment for rent. The velor fabric will perfectly serve as upholstery for furniture and accessories that will complement the selected interior. Velor upholstery material is recommended for lovers of stylish upholstery and arrangements.

Velor - a material with unusual aesthetic values

You can easily find a velor material that will blend in perfectly with any interior - both in classic, modern and glamor style. Velor is famous for its beauty and elegance, it has high aesthetic value. In addition, the cotton velor by the meter is distinguished by its original design and attractive colors. Quilted velor is currently extremely fashionable. Stylish velor - a fabric that adds character to the interior - is also very fashionable in glamor arrangements. Velor by the meter can be used to make, among others curtains or bedspreads.

Velor upholstery fabrics. Other advantages

In addition, upholstery velor has a number of other advantages - most of all, it is distinguished by high durability and does not cause problems in maintenance. It can be washed in a washing machine or by hand without the risk of damaging it or leaving unsightly stains on it. Decide which velor upholstery material will be suitable for your projects.

Velor upholstery fabric - smooth and quilted

Velor upholstery fabric - smooth or quilted - is a high-quality plush fabric for furniture renovation or other decorations. Beautiful velor curtains will complement more than one interior.

The velor upholstery material is characterized by a nice-to-touch structure, it does not fade or pilling, it is also resistant to abrasion. Velor upholstery material should be selected with a high grammage, which means that it will be solid and durable. It will work well on the upholstery of frequently used furniture.

See available upholstery velor - velours are available in various colors, patterns and thicknesses.

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