Satin material - luxurious fabric

Satin is one of the most luxurious fabrics - perfect, among others. for underwear, elegant bedding or bathrobes. It is a type of satin, i.e. a material that is glossy on one side and matte on the other. The satin material is perfect for creating various decorations, textiles and clothing - it is a material with a wide range of applications.

Elegant satin material

Satin fabrics are luxurious, elegant, delicate and shiny, as well as light and airy. They have a wide range of applications - they will prove themselves as a material for evening dresses, nightgowns, underwear, but also as decorative fabrics. In addition, the satin material is slightly cooling, it is perfect for summer.

Satin fabric by the meter - available colors

In our store, satin material is available in many colors - incl. in shades of silver sage, turquoise, pink, gold, mint, heather and many others. The polyester satin material will satisfy demanding customers looking for a unique fabric - on the one hand it is matte satin and on the other it is shiny.

How is satin different from satin?

Satin - an elegant fabric with a wide range of applications, has many properties in common with satin. The feature that distinguishes satin from other materials is a characteristic weave, called satin. Each fabric consists of a weft and warp - also satin and satin. The satin material also has a weave. In a satin weave, one thread completely covers the other. If the weft covers the warp, we get satin. If the warp covers the weft, we get a satin.

In our store, satin fabric is available by the meter in various colors - choose and place an order.

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