Fabrics for the sofa

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Fabrics for the sofa

Fabrics for a sofa can definitely change the look of a piece of furniture - a huge selection of materials can be found in our offer. All products are of high quality, solid and durable, suitable for restoring furniture and giving it a new look. See the entire collection and choose the best sofa material for your living room, guest room, office or office. The sofa will provide comfort, but can also be a designer addition to the interior.

What material for the sofa upholstery should you choose?

First of all, it is solid, durable and resistant to dirt, abrasion, water, friction, stretching, pilling and discoloration. In addition to its properties, design is also important - the upholstery material for the sofa must match the arrangement of a given interior.

We offer beautiful interior materials in various styles - incl. Scandinavian, classic, glamor or boho - and rich colors. You can choose from various shades of gray, beige or brown, as well as more decisive colors - such as navy blue, pink, red, bottle green or classic black. The color of the sofa can harmonize with the entire room or contrast with it - depending on your preferences. You can choose the material for the sofa upholstery in a calm shade that will work well in most interiors.

It is important to match the material to the entire arrangement and your needs - eco-leather or nubuck will add elegance, quilted fabrics will prove themselves in stylish interiors, and the universal nature of Swing velor fits perfectly into minimalist and Scandinavian interiors.

The choice of materials for the sofa

Our offer includes materials imitating leather (smooth or quilted), various types of velor - for example Terra, Hexagon, Monolith, Dot I or stylish quilted velor, Lars upholstery fabric, as well as the ends of quilted fabrics. You can use them to sew a covers for a sofa or use them as a material for a sofa cover.

See the available upholstery materials for the sofa, choose the right one for you and order it in our warehouse - we constantly expand our offer.

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