Lama shiny fabric

Lama is a shiny fabric, the top layer of which is covered with a special material. Thanks to this, it gives an unusual, shiny effect and makes the llama material look unique and effective. Its base is a stretchy, elastic polyester knit with the addition of elastane. The shiny fabric draws attention and drapes nicely. It is used for sewing clothes and for decorative purposes.

Lama - polyester fabric with a flash effect

The llama's distinctive appearance makes it stand out from the crowd - its outer layer is glossy and the inner layer is matte. The lama fabric is produced in various colors - it can be smooth or decorated with prints. The holographic surface makes it look very effective. We offer various types of it.

Lama fabric - material for dresses, costumes and decorations

The lama material with a hologram coating in gold, silver or pink is very popular. Such a shiny fabric is perfect for creating ornaments and decorations, dresses for various children's performances, costumes, dance and stage costumes, as well as inserts and various applications.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and available colors of the lama fabric and to place an order.

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